How do I get started?

Getting Started

Mindstamp is very easy to use and powerful in the capabilites if offers. You can follow these 4 simple steps to start generating value through interactive video!

1. Choose a Video

To add a new video, click on ‘New’ in the top menu bar. Mindstamp can host a video you upload directly, use a link to a video you have on dropbox or AWS (with MP4 being the preferred format), or use existing videos on YouTube, Vimeo Business or Wistia. With YouTube, remember we do not control the advertisements or additional recommended videos features.

2. Add Interactions

Once you’ve named and saved your video, you’ll be invited to add your first interactions. Start by adding a button that links to your website (for instance, Learn More). Then add a simple multiple choice question. Play with a few other interactions.

3. Share Your New Interactive Video

Click on Share and ‘Copy Share Link’. Send that link to your friend or colleague, or just press "Preview" to see what your viewers will see. Remember, you can add your logo, choose your colors and modify button and note styles.

4. See Your Data and Reports

Once you or a colleague have watched and interacted with the video, go back to the Mindstamp interface and click ‘View Report’ to see details on the views and interactions. Drill in to an individual row to see more details on each step.

Once you've gotten familiar with these basic steps, check out the other interaction types to make your videos even more powerful.