How can I share my Interactive Videos?

You can share your videos in a number of ways:

Copy Share Link

Once you publish your video, you can copy the share link to share with your audience, post on social networks, send around internally, or just about anywhere else you can share a link. This is the simplest and quickest way to share your interactive video.

Embed Your Video

You can embed your video to bring a white-labeled, interactive experience to your own site. Simply copy the inline or pop-out embed code from the Share button on the video. The code will work on any site that accepts iframe embeds or custom HTML. Please be sure to choose one of these options rather than a "video" embed as most site creators and LMS only accept Youtube videos through this method.

Invite Private Viewers

For private, secure video sharing, you can invite viewers to watch your Mindstamp video and force them to verify their email before they are allowed access. This is the most secure way to share a video on Mindstamp. Simply press "Share" and then "Invite Viewers" to start inviting.

Share in a Group

Groups are a way to share videos, data, and access control within Mindstamp. You can create a group and add members to it to give them automatic access to the videos within it.