Mindstamp interactive video


Enrich your videos with on-screen interactions for your audience


Type on top of the video to add a comment into the video. They’ll show up at the time you made them for future viewers.

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Interactive questions pause and solicit a response from the viewer. Ask free response, multiple choice, voice, and video questions.

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Add buttons throughout the video to prompt viewers to move throughout the video, open a link, start email, & more.

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Drawing + Highlighting

Highlight and draw on the screen to draw attention to specific parts. You can ask viewers to draw, too.

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Give context or learning material by adding clickable images throughout a video

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Voice + Video Clips

Record voice and video clips at key points in the video. Voice is automatically transcribed.

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Get individual play reports as well as high-level summaries such as fall-off points, common seek spots, and more

Search + Navigation

Every interaction appears in a searchable list in the video so you can find, understand, and navigate to the content quickly.


Send your data to other applications through Zapier or by setting up Webhooks. 

“Mindstamp is such a killer product. Slick, powerful, and always improving.”
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