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Overlay Video Clips on Your Videos

Adding a video clip into your video drives engagement and provides more information.

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What kind of Videos can be added?

Buttons can use any of the standard Mindstamp Actions to turn your video into an engaging interactive experience.
Webcam Recordings

You can record video clips directly into your video on supported browsers and devices.

Saved Video Files

You can upload clips from your device to be shown on top of your video.

Asset Library Videos

Reusable clips in your asset library can be added to your videos.

Video¬†Clips are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos ūüĎČ
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Video Clips FAQ

What browsers and devices cannot record Video Clips?

You cannot record video clips in Safari browser or on Apple iPhones. This is due to a technological restriction that we hope is fixed soon! We recommend using Chrome browser to record for the best experience.

Can I trim my clips?

You cannot trim clips in Mindstamp. Please trim your file locally before uploading, or re-record your webcam clip if you need to make changes.
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