Video is the future.

We're consuming video at an unprecedented rate and show no signs of stopping anytime soon. You know this and you’re working hard to produce and curate awesome video content for your business or organization, but with every play you have to wonder: Is it working?

Does my viewer understand the content?
Do they have access to any additional resources they might need while they watch?
Did they take the action or next steps I wanted them to?
Did they take that action when I wanted them to? 

Simple enhancements to your existing content, like adding clickable Call-To-Acton buttons throughout a video for viewers, can drive deeper audience engagement, better overall understanding, and higher click-through rates.

Follow these easy steps to add clickable buttons to your videos in seconds 👇🏼

1. Login to your Mindstamp Account. If you don't have one, click here to create one for free.
2. Select a video or add a new one. You can use Youtube, Vimeo, or Wistia links, or upload a new video from your device.
3. Navigate to the part of the video you want to add a button
4. Click the Add Interaction Button, as shown below
5. Next, choose Link Button from your interaction options
6. Fill out the Button Text and Button Link

7. Press Save. You'll now see your new button on top of your video. Go ahead, give it a click!

That's it!

Your button will now show up in the video for your audience, allowing you to provide them with timely context or a nudge in the right direction. Easy, right?

Now, go off and get those clicks. Show us what you're working on by tweeting at us and we might just hook you up with a free month of our Core Plan.

Questions? Need help? Just want to say hello?  👉🏼 help.mindstamp.io

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