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Add Video Hotspots To Increase Engagement and Drive Action

Hotspots turn any part of your video into an interactive and engaging asset. Call attention to an object in the video or make an area clickable to drive actions.

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What can Hotspots do?

Hotspots break your video down into a 3x3 grid and allow you to edit each one. They are perfect for labeling items in the video or creating clickable areas to drive actions such as Buy Now, Click-To-Call, and more.

Label an Item

Draw attention to something in the video by adding a label into the desired hotspot section.

Create Clickable Area

Turn any of the 3x3 grid slots into a clickable area that takes a standard Mindstamp Action.

Align A Button

You can add a button into any of the 3x3 grid slots.

Hotspots are one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos ūüĎČ
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Hotspots FAQ

How many Hotspot sections can I use at once?

You can use all 9 sections at once, but be careful! Things can get pretty crowded on small screens such as mobile devices. It's up to you to make sure your video looks good on all screen sizes.

How long does a Hotspot show for?

That's up to you. You can set a start and end time to control when it shows. You can also make the video pause for your Hotspot, which will pause the video for 5 seconds to give the viewer a chance to act.

Is a Button required to make a section clickable?

Nope! You can add an action without any text and it will still work. We'll show a small pulsing indicator to help viewers understand that it's clickable.

What actions can a Hotspot section take when clicked?

You can use all standard Mindstamp Actions in hotspots: Open URL Link, Start Phone Call, Change Video time, etc...
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