Engage your viewer and add visual context

Add Drawings, Labels, and Highlights To Your Videos

Drawing helps you capture attention, label key parts, and add context throughout your video. You can also ask viewers to draw.

Drawing details

What Drawing Features are Available?

You can add any of the following types of drawing elements throughout your videos.
Free Drawing

Choose a color and draw as you wish. Simple as that.


Quickly add a circle onto the screen and drag it on top of an item.

Arrow Pointers

Click on an item and automatically create an arrow pointing to it, with a label ready to be filled in.

Text Labels

Add text, move it around, resize it, give it a background. Useful for labeling items on screen.

Multiple Colors + Size

Use one of many colors for your drawing elements. Resize, rotate, and scale them as you wish.

Precision Accuracy

When you add a drawing, we make sure it shows on the same frame for all viewers.

Drawing is one of many interactive elements that can be added to your videos 👉
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Drawing FAQ

Do drawings pause the video?

Yes. Drawings pause the video for 5 seconds, during which a viewer can resume the video or choose to cancel the timer and maintain the pause. Note that responses to drawing questions do not show up on the screen unless clicked.

Can I ask the viewer to draw?

Absolutely. You can do so by creating a drawing response question.

Can I change the color and size of my drawing elements?

Yep. You can control the color and size of all elements. Once added to the screen, click an element to highlight and customize it.

Can I download my drawings?

Sure can. All drawings can be downloaded by the video administrator. Viewers can also download their own drawings. Remember that drawings do not include the video background frame.

Do downloaded drawings include the video frame?

No. Drawings take place on blank images and are layered on top of the video during playback. They do not have the video frame included.
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