How can I compress my videos to reduce file size?

Mindstamp is an incredibly easy tool to use to add interactive elements to your existing videos such as questions, hotspots, and dynamic navigation. In order to utilize this platform, you’ll need to check if your existing videos are the proper size for uploading your video to Mindstamp. For paid Mindstamp users, you can upload videos up to 10GB, whereas free users can upload videos up to 1GB.

If your existing videos are too large, there’s the possibility your videos may have buffering issues which will create a poor video experience for your users. Video compression is the process of “shrinking the video size” that reduces the number of bits needed to display a video. We strongly recommend Handbrake as a FREE and fast tool for efficient compression.

Here’s how you can use Handbrake to compress your video files before uploading your video to Mindstamp:

  1. Start by downloading Handbrake from their website or click here for the application to directly start downloading to your desktop.

  1. Once downloaded, open the Handbrake application and upload and rename your video:


  1. You can choose the format and size you want your video to be exported. Handbrake offers a variety of features and presets so you can easily choose the format that works best for you:

  1. After deciding on the size and format you want for your video, click “Start” to begin the compression process.

  1. Once your file is finished compressing, your compressed video will be downloaded to its chosen location.
  1. Then go to to log in and upload your compressed video file to Mindstamp to start adding interactive features!

Compressing your video isn’t always necessary to use Mindstamp’s interactive video platform. Since compressing your video file can result in reduced quality, we recommend only compressing your video when a smaller file is needed. 

Interested in learning more about Mindstamp’s interactive features and capabilities? Schedule a free demo or start your 14-day free trial to start creating engaging videos that drive action.