How can I add looping to my video or change the time?

Mindstamp makes it easy to add looping to your videos such that you can replay a key section, often until a viewer takes an action you want to see next. For instance, you might add a loop to your video to:

  • Replay a portion of your video until the viewer makes a selection (clicks a button, clicks an image, clicks a hotspot) that will open a new video or change time to a different section in your video.
  • Replay the ending of a video to ensure the viewer follows your call to action.
  • Restart the video automatically from the end (though you can also accomplish this by adding &loop=1 to your video URL)

To add a loop to your video, use the new ‘Add Navigation’ control that you see in the lower right in this image. It looks like an infinity loop.

Once clicked, you can add an automatic control to your video timeline that either:

  • Changes time - either to jump the video ahead once the viewer reaches that mark or loop back to replay a specific section
  • Switches video - for instance if you want to seamlessly open a new video once a viewer has reached a specific point in time
  • Pauses the video - Allows you to pause the video once the viewer reaches a specific point, either so they can reflect on the information presented or if you want to wait for the viewer to take a specific action.

Combined with Conditional Logic, you can create dynamic navigation experiences that guide viewers seamlessly to see the content you want or take the next best action. Be sure to watch your video in Preview Mode to experience the video exactly as your viewers will.