Mindstamp Actions

Interactions on Mindstamp can take one of many actions when clicked. Explore the actions below and contact us to learn more about leveraging the power of interactive video.
Mindstamp actions

What actions are available?

Create dynamic, interactive experiences by making your buttons, images, hotspots, and question answers take advantage of these powerful actions.
Open URL Link

Drive traffic to your website by making a button open a link.

Change Video Time

Create branched experiences by moving the viewer around in the video.

Start Phone Call

Enable click-to-call by making your button start a phone call when available.

Start Email Message

Direct people to your inbox by making a button start an email.

Play Video or Audio Clip

Add context or insight by making a button play a video or audio clip.

Open New Mindstamp Video

Change the video when the button is clicked.

Actions FAQ

Where can I use actions?

Any interaction that is clickable can use a Mindstamp action. This includes question answers, buttons, hotspots, and images.

Can I use more than one action in a video?

Yes, each clickable element can have it's own action.

Will I know if somebody clicked something and an action was used?

You sure will. All clicks will show up in your play reports and under the interaction replies when in the editing view.
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