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Change Log

Log of changes made to the Mindstamp Interactive Video application ⚡️

Last Updated: September 12th

September 12th

  • New seekbar with scrubbing ability
  • Seekbar icons now take your branding color as a background and scale in size when active
  • Answered questions now display a checkmark icon on the seekbar to indicate completeness
  • Images are now preloaded for faster loading upon showing

September 7th

  • Added ability to hide seekbar for viewers
  • Seekbar now fades immediately if not logged in for more immersive viewing experience
  • Mute now persists between page reloads

August 25th

  • Annual pricing now available for self-checkout
  • Deleting a Play Report now deletes all associated data
  • Videos can now be duplicated from their individual pages
  • New Clear Viewer Activity button in list that removes all Plays, interactions, responses, etc. for a video

August 24th

  • The Show Avatar toggle within interaction styles now applies to avatar use throughout the experience, including in the interaction list, pre-video share message, and comments
  • Interaction list no longer shown for presentation mode  if navigation controls turned on

August 21st

  • Show Interaction Markers setting now controls visibility of the Show Guide button below the seekbar. If turned off, show guide button will be hidden as well.
  • Audio now starts to fade 2 seconds before a question on compatible devices
  • Questions now fade in smoothly

August 19th

  • Custom fonts now available on Core and Pro plans
  • Button and Comment styles now available by group and individual video for all customers
  • Multiple Choice questions can now have 5 answers

August 1st

  • Images now pause the video by default
  • If set to pause, images take up full video dimensions with a 5 second timer, similar to drawings

July 30th

  • Select questions now appear in question summaries tab
  • Multiple choice questions now use your custom interaction styles for buttons

July 28th

  • Added new Select dropdown question type
  • New correctness screen for both multiple choice and select questions
  • Viewer Info capture now turned off by default for new videos
  • If Info Capture is on, viewer info capture now collects for all interactions, regardless of pending action such as open link, change time
  • Added Custom ID field to info capture for capturing Student ID, Employee ID, etc
  • Custom ID shows up in all reports
  • Added PDF download option for individual play reports
  • Added the following CSV downloads: Play report List, Individual Viewer Summaries, Individual Questions, Viewer, Video List
  • All on-video interaction screens now take up only as much room as they need
  • Saving a recorded video clip now prompts for an optional title before save
  • Added Remove Thumbnail button
  • Improved question graphs, only use as many labels as necessary
  • Interactions at 0:00 now show before video plays
  • Fixed bug preventing buttons using the change time action with a value of 0:00
  • Fixed bug where duplicated questions were updating each other incorrectly
  • Fixed bug where drawing image was deleted by backspace
  • Fixed display bug when updating thumbnail
  • Fixed bug where some valid URLs were not accepted as links for actions
  • Improved mobile styles all around

July 10th

  • New Add Interaction button in interactions list when empty
  • Fixed bug preventing expired subscriptions from downgrading fully
  • Phone numbers captured now included in play reports

July 1st

  • Series Pages and Show Message action live
  • Added check to keep data fresh when using in-app back button

June 25th

  • Improved click-to-call performance across devices and browsers
  • Improved link opening in embedded videos

June 17th

  • Responses are now loaded on click for videos with over 200 interactions

June 15th

  • Removed auto-capitalization from question answer buttons
  • Question answer buttons now take the same size and text is center justified
  • Fixed bug where guest viewer names were not populating properly

June 9th

  • Added Finished and Elapsed fields to play reports to surface duration of viewer's experience
  • Simplified color pickers for interaction styles
  • Added check to ensure drawing questions always show same frame
  • Improved audio recording, improved playback on Safari
  • Fixed bug where multiple choice buttons would not fade in properly in question sets

May 19th

  • Videos must be now published before entering preview mode
  • Fixed bug preventing guest viewers from deleting their interactions from an embedded video
  • Removed action icons from buttons and multiple choice question buttons

May 16th

  • Added question fade in animations
  • Improved correctness indication and added Next button to continue if showing correctness
  • Improved Audio clip playback on iOS devices and Safari browser
  • Add Audio and Add Video interactions can now use existing clips from your asset library
  • Hotspots now have optional titles
  • Significant improvements to small video controls and interactions appearance
  • Fullscreen button hidden when not available
  • Show Guide button hidden for Presentation videos
  • Contact Information capturing experience improved

May 13th

  • Enhanced video reports with new layout and 'All Interactions' tab with CSV export
  • Added auto-formatting of Dropbox MP4 links to fix mobile player problems
  • Simplified the Create Personalized Link experience for Pro customers
  • Removed graphs from Video reports to improve loading performance
  • Added URL attribute to user accounts. Clicking a logo will open this if available.
  • Added Title field to hotspots, changed default behavior to not pause
  • Extra navigation controls now hidden when video is very small
  • Lightened black background for all in-video interactions

May 7th

  • Video and Audio clips placed at 0:00 now play before the primary video starts

April 29th

  • Added Line and Arrow component to drawing mode
  • Default drawing color now defaults to brand color
  • Reduced size of controls in drawing mode
  • Added Clear Replies capability to Questions for video owners and admins
  • Added fallback text answer box for Video and Audio questions where viewer cannot record media
  • Improved validation and visual corrections for all interaction form actions and values
  • Uploads now contain toggles for transcoding and transcription
  • New videos default title changed to filename
  • Improvements on question correct answer notifications
  • Improvements to sizing and formatting on questions, including respecting <br> breaks
  • Free trial users can now upload up to 3 non-transcoded videos
  • Viewers can no longer delete question responses in presentation mode
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

April 25th

  • Default video thumbnail now defaults to branding image overlaid on white background, if applicable
  • Application moved to video subdomain

April 15th

  • Questions at the same time now group into a Question Set
  • Added Play Video Clip and Play Audio Clip actions to all clickable interactions
  • Created an Asset Library where Video and Audio clips can be stored to be used in buttons, questions, and more
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

April 8th

  • Added Download button for drawings for drawing creators and video owners

April 7th

  • Improved Hotspots display on small screens, enabling text wrapping within box
  • Viewers no longer need to select their answer again after capturing their name
  • Improved phone validation for international customers
  • Reduced countdown size for drawing and hotspots timer

April 3rd

  • Disabled embedding of Youtube videos going forward
  • Duration for videos now stored to improve startup experience
  • Added information and examples for each type of video on new video screen

April 2nd

  • Participation now defaults to off for new videos
  • Video owners plays and actions are now tracked for embedded videos
  • Removed 'Skip Track Action as Owner' as alert
  • New rewind button for questions in top left if skippable

March 30th

  • Comments and Images can now have start and stop times, joining buttons and hotspots in their controllability
  • Reduced delay in loading interactions upon video start
  • Disabled new videos using Vimeo wrap links. Only direct links are supported going forward.

March 24th

  • Buttons now have a start and stop time and can be set to show for as long as you want
  • Improved styling and added message component to end-of-video CTA
  • Released Hotspots functionality for beta customers

March 19th

  • Added ability to add end-of-video CTA buttons
  • Fixed bug preventing branding image for showing for some users

March 17th

  • Added ability to upload video clips in addition to recording video clips
  • Significantly improved stability and experience of recording video clips

March 14th

  • Reduced screen real estate for video and voice clips
  • Improved between-videos navigation with time and autoplay history
  • Removed on-screen transcription for voice notes. Transcription remains in list if available.

March 10th

  • Updated embed codes to improve fullscreen experience on certain platforms

March 5th

  • Introduced new Question Adding / Editing interface
  • Added Change Video option to question buttons
  • Fixed button editing bug
  • Improved correctness display for questions

March 3rd

  • Added Group branding image and color

February 27th

  • Launched Groups to enable collaboration on Mindstamp

February 11th