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Mindstamp helps you engage, educate, and understand your audience by enriching your videos with interactive notes, questions, and action buttons.


Enrich your video content with personalized context and interactions.


Add text, voice, and video notes to your videos. They will pop up at that time for future viewers.


Solicit explicit feedback from your audience via free response, multiple choice, voice, and video questions.


Prompt viewer action through buttons that can open a link, send an email, change the time, and more.


Quickly understand and navigate the video content through the clickable interactions list available at all times.


Get second-by-second reporting of who, when, where, and how each person is interacting with your videos.

Data Export

Send your data to other applications through Webhooks. Get notified when and how somebody watches.

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Mindstamp can help you with:


Enhance learning through interactive and navigable video content.


Verify that trainees are completing and understanding the material.


Capture and engage new leads. Personalize videos for existing prospects.


Solve customer problems faster via two-way, interactive support material.

“Mindstamp is such a killer product. Slick, powerful, and always improving.”
Jesse Hanley
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Each plan comes with a free trial and secure billing through Stripe.

per month
20 Minutes Video Upload Limit Per Month
10 Wrapped Videos
Custom Branding
per month
60 Minutes Video Upload Limit Per Month
50 Wrapped Videos
Custom Branding
per month
500 Minutes Video Upload Limit Per Month
100 Wrapped Videos
Custom Branding
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Quick Answers to

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wrapped Videos?

These are videos you link to Mindstamp from hosting providers like YouTube, Wistia, and Vimeo. You do not upload these videos directly to Mindstamp, but rather paste a link that we embed.

Why do you have a monthly upload limit?

Video encoding + streaming is expensive and is calculated by the minute. If you have a distinct need, please contact us.

Do video notes count against my quota?

Video notes do not count against your quota at this time.

What if I need more minutes?

Contact us. We have custom plans for special use cases.

What custom branding is available?

Core and Pro accounts can add a logo and choose a color theme for their player and pages. Custom font support coming soon.

What Webhooks are included?

You can setup an endpoint to receive a webhooks for new contacts captured from your videos as well as summaries for indvidual plays in real-time, including interactions.

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